At Tcakeshop, we are not only committed creating a stunning looking cake; we are extremely passionate about taste and committed to giving you the best.

Cakes on our menu are baked with the finest ingredients mainly sourced from a private local farm.
We pride ourselves in exceptional recipes tried and tested over the years producing moist and tender texture delicious tasting cakes.

We provide a wide variety of layering filling options for your cakes from traditional jam, lemon curd to Swiss meringue buttercream filling.

The most suitable options for the type of cake will be selected primarily but we also allow a bit of experimentation during your consultation for our more adventurous clients.

All our fillings are sweetened with our fresh home-made jam containing no artificial preservatives giving a more rounded fantastic and natural taste. Below are some of the flavours we make.


  • Red Velvet with vanilla cream cheese  filling
  • Vanilla sponge with  Swiss meringue vanilla buttercream filling
  • Vanilla sponge with Swiss meringue  Vanilla buttercream and Jam Filling
  • Dark chocolate mud with chocolate fudge buttercream filling
  • Lemon sponge with raspberry jam and Swiss meringue buttercream filling
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream filling
  • Fruit cake made with fruit matured in traditional brandy
  • Fruit cake made with fruits matured in orange liquor
  • Banana & Chocolate with roast hazelnut with nutella buttercream filling
  • Oreo cake with Oreo and chocolate butter cream filling



We also cater for free from cakes

  • Gluten Free
  • Egg Free
  • Nut Free
  • Sugar free (Diabetes cake)
  • Alcohol free fruit cake
  • We can make any special dietary requirement cake not listed. Simply email us your special request


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