Birthday Parties first Memory

For most people, first memory of birthdays that comes to mind is that of a crowd of people singing the unmistakable happy birthday song to a rather apprehensive looking 4-year-old stood in front of a candle lit cake waiting for the rather out of tune orchestral to complete the song so they can continue with the pressing issue of blowing out the candles; dicing up the cake and tucking in.

Growing up in a household where birthdays are rarely celebrated, I was overjoyed to learn that I was being thrown a party for my 10th birthday. The birthday cake was delivered first thing in the morning. They were personalised cakes delivered by a local bakery. My mother had pre-booked the cake three weeks earlier. A few friends and cousins were invited to the house for a disco party and there were lots of sweets. I always wanted a huge party, invite lots of friends and having lots of fun.


Birthdays in the 21st Century

Now in my 30’s, birthday party celebration has changed significantly. The big day is all about planning, shopping around for bargains and only inviting close friends. However, it won’t be a birthday without three key elements. One of which is key “The cake”


Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes Delivered across London

Birthday cakes in 2018 is different from what they used to be. There are more options in types of cakes available on the market. Flavours are far cry from the good old vanilla sponge cake to red velvet cake to popcorn cake to say the least. Birthday cake designs has also evolved from conventional boring whipped creamed cake with a tacky writing on to sugar art and sculptured artistic cakes.

Birthdays are no longer restricted to cakes but in the last decade, cupcakes have made an entrance and it seems to have come to stay. Birthday cupcakes are now extremely popular. A company in London makes the best birthday cupcake delivery in London.

So far any birthday, a tasty and delicious cake is a must for the occasion irrespective of how low key the celebration might be.

birthday cupcakes
Personalised birthday cupcakes